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Phoenix NC Database Items

Phoenix NC Database Items, which can be found at the Tech Haven Bridgelink You will require TL100 Blank Blueprints and a CodeBreaker Mark 7.

Hacknet software

  TL Item name Requirements Item status
88 Cryton Multilink Guardian v1.6 INT: 88 HCK: 109 Hacknet only
92 Cryton Multilink Logcleaner v1.3 INT: 92 HCK: 111 Hacknet only
96 Cryton Survivor v1.2 INT: 96 HCK: 113 Hacknet only
96 HEW Kuang Mark-7 v1.4 INT: 96 HCK: 113 T-C: 81 Hacknet only
100 Cryton Recompiler v1.5 INT: 100 HCK: 115 Hacknet only
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